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Wine Unplugged

Brand Identity,

App Development

And Web Design


Wine Unplugged: Redefining the Way We Discover and Enjoy Wine

Wine Unplugged, a new Dutch startup, aims to revolutionize the way people discover and enjoy wine. Using a personalized wine profile, customers rate wines they've tried and enjoyed, which the company uses to match them with new wines they'll love. The profiles go live in Q1 2023, but customers are encouraged to start rating wines now. In collaboration with wine bar partners, Wine Unplugged hosts events that promote wine as an experience to be shared. By building a community of passionate wine lovers, the company hopes to make wine more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Redefining Wine Buying and Enjoyment with Seamless Design and NFC Payment Integration

Wine Unplugged's UI/UX design features a clean, dark theme that puts the focus squarely on the wine and wine brands. The design allows customers to easily connect to a payment system via NFC on their phone to pay for their wine tabs at any Rayleigh en Ramsay restaurant & wine bar. The wine dispensers, which serve wine by the glass, are seamlessly integrated into the experience. Customers can also easily order the wine they enjoyed in the bar for home delivery. This streamlined design makes the wine buying and enjoying experience both convenient and enjoyable.


Wine Unplugged: Your Doorway to the World of Wine with Sleek eCommerce and Personalized Recommendations

Wine Unplugged's eCommerce platform is a valuable resource for any wine lover. With access to over 200 bottles, customers can quickly and easily order wine to be delivered straight to their door. The platform offers a range of options, from self-picking to personalized suggestions based on individual taste preferences. This user-friendly platform makes wine buying and exploration accessible to all.

Wine Unplugged aims to make wine more accessible and enjoyable for everyone by helping people discover wines that perfectly match their taste preferences.

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