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Unleashing the Story of Pawly: The Colorful, Playful Brand Behind the Genius Cat Door with Prey Detection

The Pawly Cat Door with Prey Detection was born out of a need to keep unwanted creatures from entering the home. With the use of artificial intelligence, the smart cat door detects and prevents prey and other intruders from entering. The design is simple and installation is easy, making it a popular choice among cat owners. Pawly's mobile app allows for easy configuration of the door, making life even easier for pet owners.


Creating a Playful Brand Identity for Pawly: A Case Study

We developed a distinctive and playful brand identity for Pawly, a company that creates innovative pet products. Our design included a color palette of pastel and vibrant versions of red, blue, and green, playful vector drawings, simple animations, and a welcoming font. The brand has been well-received by pet owners worldwide.


Bringing the Pawly Brand to Life: Playful Graphics and Dynamic Animations

The graphical elements and playful animations of the Pawly brand were carefully crafted to capture the fun and playful personality of the brand. The vector drawings featured cats, toys, and scratching posts, all of which were brought to life through simple yet dynamic animations. The color palette, consisting of pastel and vibrant versions of red, blue, and green, added to the brand's overall playfulness. The end result was a memorable and distinctive brand identity that stood out in the pet product market.


Pawly App: A Playful and User-Friendly Design for Pet Owners Everywhere

We designed a simple yet visually appealing interface for the Pawly app, utilizing playful graphics and a streamlined user experience. Our design approach focused on creating an intuitive interface with clear navigation and vibrant colors, making it easy for users to access the app's features. We also incorporated high-quality icons and animations to enhance the overall user experience. The end result was an engaging and user-friendly app that resonated with pet owners and helped establish Pawly as a leading brand in the pet tech market.

“Pawly's mission is to create innovative and smart pet products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners through technology and design.”

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