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Mother's spirit

Brand identity,


packaging & AI technology

AI Technology

Mother's Spirit: Crafting a conscious and unique tasteful experience with an environmentally friendly approach

In Amsterdam, a passionate individual created a low-sugar spirit that celebrated the city's cultural heritage. They carefully selected local flowers, herbs, and botanicals to craft a distinctive flavor profile, while ensuring that every ingredient was sustainably sourced. The result was a complex and subtly sweet spirit that gained a devoted following. This is a testament to the power of passion and innovation in creating something truly special and meaningful.


Authenticity Amplified: Crafting a brand that matches the true character of the product

Our project aimed to create a brand story, package design, and overall look and feel for a product with minimal environmental impact. We utilized AI text to image tools to generate visual elements, reducing the need for physical product shoots and prototyping and wasteful materials. Our design reflected the authentic character of the product. The result was an innovative and impactful project.

“At Mothers Spirit, our vision is to deliver exceptional taste experiences using locally sourced, organic ingredients, and try to be CO2 neutral in every aspect of our operations.”

“We want to inspire positive change throughout the spirits industry by promoting sustainability and responsible production methods.”


Crafting a timeless User Experience: Designing authentic branding assets to resonate with our vision and elevate the quality of their exciting new flavour

We crafted a cohesive user experience by designing authentic branding assets, including packaging, for our campaign. By considering every aspect of our communication, we aimed to make the experience user-friendly and resonating with our vision. Our approach focused on elevating the quality of our exciting new flavour, making it recognizable and setting it as a standard in the industry.

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