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Zeelander Yachts

3D animation & Renderings

About Zeelander 5 Yachts

This exclusive motor yacht company was established in 2002, engineering unique vessels that are fast yet sound like a whisper. Every Zeelander is a piece of art performing to the highest possible standard. Their state-of-the-art facilities are based in the Netherlands where the company operates with the help of an experienced crew and the latest equipment, building outstanding motor yachts to suit the connoisseurs’ distinctive wishes.

Our client is adding a faster and improved version of the previous Zeelander 55 to their fleet. Therefore, Zeelander needed to create a promotional page on their website with top-quality visual content to show their audience how superior the Zeelander 5 update is.

Creating Enticing Visuals that Support the Products & Brand

Zeelander did not rely completely on 3D. For this project, it was required to combine different types of content such as a configurator, video, photography, and interactive animations.
Additionally, interactive slider photography of every single corner of the interior of the boat and descriptive pop-ups were included to inform about specific details as well as a configurator where you can customize the different interior and exterior styles of the boat.

Therefore, this complex page also required keeping everything consistent with Zeelander's branding while ensuring the highest quality and the fastest image loading times for SEO purposes.

The Impact

Zeelander now offers a comprehensive page featuring all the aspects that make their Zeelander 5 an amazing addition for their fleet. With their new digital gallery, prospects are informed about the features that these yachts has to offer.

As you scroll down on the page, you encounter fast-loading imagery including hyper-realistic videos and animations that entice, configurator, and animations that entice prospects to learn about the amazing sailing experience they could have with the Zeelander 5, and a contact form at the end to capture leads.

Other cases

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