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The Brink Agency Unveils Its Inspiring New Design Studio in Amsterdam


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Welcome to our world

Near the vibrant Houthavens of Amsterdam, our renewed studio makes its debut on the Zekeringstraat 34C. Having opened its doors just over a month ago, this space reflects our prowess in design and technology and is a herald for innovative frontiers. Our new location near Sloterdijk ensures a hassle-free commute for our team and our clients, facilitating multiple parking spots in front of the main entry door.

the brink-office-identity-branding-amsterdam-2.jpg

Cutting-Edge innovative Ideas

Half a year of dedication and team effort has reshaped the 340m2 area into a manifestation of The Brink's philosophy. This is a platform for the future, radiating an aura of creative energy and inviting warmth. 

the brink-office-identity-branding-amsterdam-4.jpg

Nurturing the Spirit of Knowledge and talents

The redesigned workspace effortlessly blends modern charm with the soothing allure of natural elements. The combination of glass, warm wood, and high ceilings with a touch of orange create a friendly and stimulating but minimalistic environment. Our extensive book collection, proudly displayed alongside an assortment of product design prototypes, symbolizes not only our ongoing pursuit of knowledge and growth, but also our rich history in the realm of product design. This dynamic showcase is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and the evolution of our craft.

the brink-office-identity-branding-amsterdam-1.jpg

Fueling Teamwork and Innovation

The studio has multiple creative rooms equipped with sizable 85-inch screens, fostering an atmosphere of collaborative creation and innovation. Really bringing the digital design out of the screen into the room. Our ceilings, adorned with a distinctive paper-spray technique, adds an extra layer of unique personality to the studio making the sound distribution soft, nice and clear.

the brink-office-identity-branding-amsterdam-route.jpg

Crafting Distinct Client Experiences

Our new space houses six specially-designed rooms, each reflecting our service pillars - Brand Identity, Development, 3D Production and Ai. These spaces are conceived to provide personalized client experiences and ignite creativity, making each digital journey truly unique and impactful.

the brink-office-identity-branding-amsterdam-3(anna).jpg

Embrace the Future of Digital Innovation with us

We extend a warm invitation to visit our studio, the crucible where digital ambitions morph into tangible realities. Look forward to our grand post-summer opening of the new office and experience firsthand how The Brink Agency can supercharge your brand's digital voyage. 

Together, let's step into the exciting future of creative innovation. Get in touch!


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