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The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.

Innovative Brands started off in 2015 as a serious hobby project created by Lardy van der Pal and Simon Koop working from home in the evenings and weekends. Our vision back then, when almost none of the wireless lamps were actually capable of lighting up a room, was to improve these products, and make them more powerful, better looking, and more intuitive.

After the development phase at the end of 2016, we started production in China and launched our first Indiegogo campaign. By the end of a very successful month of campaigning, we sold over a thousand units collecting more than 120k in accrued revenue. Because we were already producing and didn't need a product development phase anymore we were delivering to our backers worldwide at the beginning of 2017. We sold out in months and made more improvements on the products and re-produced. At the end of 2017, we started developing the most powerful portable wireless mood lamp; "The Lucis 2.1 Bamboo" this lamp is capable of 240 lumens and plus 100 hours of burning time Kickstarter. We redesigned the software and added a power bank function to the lamp. Besides crowdfunding, and partnerships we were selling on online platforms all over Europe and began a new direction with the company. Moreover, we caught the attention of clients that wanted to use our expertise to develop their own branded products. We started conceptualizing ideas and executing them for clients- like the Bottle Blanc lamp for Polspotten.

However, with progress and ideas, we developed new ways of doing things. In 2018 we sold all the Lucis products but felt we were in need of and new generation in order to supply better products to the hospitality market. We started the new design process for Lucis 3.0, the Pill lamp. In this new product, we put everything we had learned from previous products. Improving energy consumption, better lumen specs, more lighting hours, and even wireless charging. This was the culmination of many years of product development. We brought the new lamp to market. Because we were already producing the lamp before the campaign started we were delivering fast and worldwide once more and began to sell through our existing channels.

But we were also facing difficulties doing this. Part of the company was selling and working on the Lucis lamps the other part ran digital productions and when the production part in digital began to be the biggest workload this team grew. The sales team was encountering problems with focus and the design team as well. That's why we needed to make a really tough decision to find a new owner for the Lucis brand. We started this journey at the end of 2020 in order to let the digital department grow even further. After many talks with different parties, we finally found our best match. We are proud and happy to announce that in 2022 Lucis wireless lighting will live on!

Back to the beginning of 2020 when we were starting to change the team and focussing only on digital. We re-discovered our creative passion to boost user experience and brand authenticity. Because change is inevitable mainstream online and offline sales channels were added, like amazon, Fonq, Coolblue, and many more.

Innovative Brands, Innovative Digital & 3D Configurator

We started working less with physical products and more within the digital realm. Innovative Brands was focused on the products and Innovative Digital on Digital productions for the majority of 2017. A lot of new and interesting projects started in new environments: like augmented reality, 3D technologies, and digital experiences with technological innovations. Throughout 2018 our digital studio grew with new creatives and the company focus was starting to shift to web, app, and brand identity design. In 2019 we saw that focussing on both worlds at the same time was not beneficial for the team. We began our Lucis 3.0 production with the idea in our heads that we maybe should switch and fully focus on the digital aspect. As we were expanding to new countries we managed to expand our team of developers, UX/UI specialists, strategists, and 3D artists as well. Going from three people in a small office to ten, twenty, and eventually over forty in 2022 working in 3 countries.


Who we are today

Through our five-year evolution, we’ve found our new purpose; fully submerging in the digital environment. The Brink agency is the evolution from Innovative Digital and Innovative Brands’ merge. We leave the product design market behind and fully specialize in Identity, Development, and 3D Technology to make your business a more engaging and meaningful experience.

The Brink is the physical manifestation of this because we are more than just a brand. With a new strategic approach and an entirely different identity, we aligned our actions with our values to create a culture. Altogether with the unique skillset of an enthusiastic and ambitious team, this Amsterdam-based studio seeks to redefine how brands use design and technology to amplify their very core essence.

The Brink: Expand your Digital Imagination.

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