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How immersive 3D techology can benefit your business

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Improving your product experience beyond 2D imagery is essential for the future of information consumption. 3D visuals offer a playful way to interact with products in any view possible and can be fully in control of the user. Therefore, your customers are able to learn everything about your products and services with a dramatic effect that yields amazing results including increased conversions and fewer product returns. Many years ago, people said an image tells a thousand words. Then it was said to be video content to tell a better story. Now 3D technology and the content of these productions will tell it ALL.

According to Cappasity’s market research, 95% of respondents prefer an interactive 3D view over video. Additionally, the impact on online stores can include: 


The same study reported that merchants adopt 3D because of its speed and production costs as well as the fact that it doesn’t slow down website performance (link). Moreover, 3D imaging solutions are versatile and can be implemented across any device and browser and they don’t require plugins anymore. A notable example of this is product 3D configurators or viewers. However, we will cover the most popular immersive 3D technologies that you can implement for your business:

- Product 3D Configurator 
- Augmented reality (AR) 
- Virtual reality (VR) Virtual tours (can also be viewed in VR)

1. Product 3D Configurator

A top-tier digital solution for eCommerce that is increasing in popularity as companies like Mercedes, IKEA, Tesla, and Nike adopts it because of its customization capabilities and ability to innovate business value chains. The most important aspect is viewing products like never before from any angle. Product 3D Configurators and viewers can provide the following results: 

  • Improving the quality of your leads as shown in the Domes’ case 

  • Increasing sales as it happened in the Zodiac boats’ case and many others

  • It can reduce your carbon footprint because there are fewer returns

  • Increasing your website traffic and time spent on page (engagement)

  • Showing products and combinations of products that could never be shown before


2. Augmented reality (AR)

AR technology is worth $30B in the global market. It overlays virtual content in a real environment in real-time. This partially immersive technology is popular among consumers and businesses, especially in the sectors of gaming and entertainment, architectural design, and tourism with virtual tours. 

Since Ikea launched its AR App for furniture, shoppers have bought thousands of items for their homes with a 96% of accuracy. This tech personalizes real experiences for potential buyers while assessing furniture dimensions and how they fit in their living spaces which helps to reduce product return rates: (link).

Another case is Vodafone Group using a platform with AR assistance that improves troubleshooting of technical issues such as connection. This solution was able to increase first-contact case resolutions by a 12% as well as customer satisfaction by a 68%: (link)


2. Virtual reality (VR)

The VR/AR market growth in Europe is expected to outpace North America by 2023 with a 35% growth annual rate - which means it will reach a 43 Billion market cap. by 2026 according to a study by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; ''Virtual reality is still new enough to provide a wow factor to your customers to strengthen relationships and leave a long lasting impression''. However, that does not mean you should develop a VR solution, make sure your business goals are aligned with dramatically innovating the customer experience. Some early adopter companies are AUDI, The North Face, and eBay in cases such as the Virtual Stores and Showrooms, Metaverse with VR or AR, and other cutting-edge solutions.

As each technology can create an entirely different dimension, they can offer unique benefits and opportunities as well. Overall, your customers can perceive you as a market leader as you provide them with innovative top-tier experiences. Finally, 3D Immersive technologies are reshaping how customers interact with your businesses. They help you to innovate your value chain and achieve strategic goals such as reducing your carbon footprint or stock overproduction, generating website traffic and time spent on-page, and many more positive results. 

But most importantly we are now on The Brink of an important revolution. Digital, Computer generated images and 3D model production and video creation is becoming better in quality and lower in production costs overtaking old-school product photography as a whole. Having this in mind and looking at the latest trends such as web 3.0, the metaverse, and the overall use of 3d in almost any production from 2d to easily integrating it websites nowadays, the demand for 3d production is increasing at a very high pase.

Let's get in touch! Our 3D technology specialists will advise you on how to improve your customer journey, business case, or even process and cost optimization in your company flow.


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