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Case Study: Orchestrating Koni's Digital Transformation with The Brink


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In an era where digital transformation is increasingly important, our agency collaborated closely with Koni to support their evolution. Recognizing the challenge of adapting to a digital-focused market, especially with the rise of digitally proficient competitors, Koni engaged The Brink to help them redefine their approach. Working as a united team, we focused on crafting a modern narrative that resonated with their values and vision. Their spokesperson shared, “The biggest obstacle was transitioning to a digital company, from a very traditional non-digital company. Learning and changing our thinking to be digital first, was the biggest obstacle that had to be overcome. There was also the obstacle of having the right internal resources to implement and carry out digital actions, something which will continue to be a challenge in the short term as we transition”. Our joint efforts are directed towards enhancing www.koni.com, reflecting our commitment to this new phase of growth.

Three pivotal services fueled this metamorphosis:

Identity & Branding

Koni - imagery-1.png

Our skilled designers crafted more than a facelift; they sculpted a digital identity guide for Koni. From logo placement nuances to the artistry of presentations, the design team curated a modern, sleek aesthetic. Picture an Instagram profile radiating minimalist elegance and an e-commerce interface seamlessly aligned with cutting-edge technology, all harmonizing with Koni's brand ethos.

Koni - imagery.png

We have changed our communication and brand narrative to focus more on the product and simplifying the benefits of the products we offer. We have traditionally been very technical in our communications, something which does not always resonate with the broader audience we are trying to engage”, he says, explaining how Koni’s brand narrative changed to better fit the digital-first consumer behavior “We use imagery and motion to communicate what our brand does, rather than long descriptive explanations”.


KONI - Identity, web design and 3D technology 6.jpg

Our methodology was simple but profound, and it simply started by asking the right questions. “Our goals are to reach new and existing audiences through digital and online presence. We want to showcase our product, excite our target audiences, inform them and provide clean, easy to understand resources, and ultimately convince them to purchase our product,” they explain, “The end step aligns with the company objective, but we are learning to be more patient in the full journey and education and combining digital channels with sales strategies”. By unveiling the brand's objectives and expectations, we meticulously planned Koni's digital footprint. Koni's monumental initiative included the seamless integration of a customized webshop with SAP, a pivotal step carefully crafted to uphold the brand's identity.

Koni - imagery.png

Beyond this, our adept development team incorporated Shopify, an innovative software enabling prospective customers to effortlessly purchase and order products directly from the website. An intuitive widget, "Find the Koni for your ride," prominently positioned on the website's front end, empowers even non-expert clients to conveniently select and purchase Koni products by simply inputting details about their vehicle. This case study explores the strategic integration process, showcasing how Koni's commitment to a unified and brand-conscious approach yielded significant enhancements to their customer experience and operational efficiency.

socialmedia koni.gif
View the KONI platforms here:

Koni group


Koni ecommerce

3D Animations

KONI - Identity, web design and 3D technology 15.jpg

In leveraging 3D animations, Koni strategically revitalized its brand identity through a collaborative effort with The Brink's design team. The comprehensive deployment of animations across diverse platforms, including social media, website interfaces, and product catalogs, aimed at visually communicating the intricate construction of Koni's shock absorbers. This intentional approach transformed Koni's products beyond functional items, elevating them into compelling visual spectacles.

Koni Explode Recomposed.gif

Notably, analyses of engagement metrics indicated that content featuring motion or moving imagery garnered the highest audience interaction, with a particular emphasis on product-centric content across social channels. A representative from Koni observed, "It is good to see that our core business – shock absorbers – is what our audience comes to our channels to see." This strategic integration of 3D animation technology not only enhanced Koni's brand image but also positioned the company as an industry leader with a forward-thinking approach.


Witness Koni's rebirth - a clean, harmonious blend of tradition and digital innovation. Our collective expertise elevated Koni's brand into a digital symphony, weaving seamlessly from website to social media. Through an arsenal of 3D visual assets - explainer renders, exploded views, and captivating packshots - The Brink propelled Koni into a new era. Enhanced ecommerce platforms, refined product listings, and captivating visuals in the product catalog now spotlight Koni's superior suspension systems in a format that's not just appealing but effortlessly understandable.


The perception of Koni’s digital presence post-transformation was revealed to be appreciated by their audience, and their sales networks globally, “and it is exciting to see this embraced by our audiences”, announces Koni’s spokesperson. The result? A surge in brand visibility and profound comprehension of Koni's unparalleled quality. This isn't just a case study; it's a testament to the transformative power of strategic branding and 3D innovation, orchestrated by The Brink Agency.

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